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    Public invitations to tender for contractors

    Is your company looking for a contract? You would like to easily and efficiently prove your suitability? Or would you like to send your offers electronically to the contracting authorities? ANKÖ is offering hereby the fitting solutions and platforms for bidders as well as contracting authorities. You can find public tenders on the ANKÖ Vergabeportal (tendering platform), the suitability you can prove with the Liste geeigneter Unternehmen® - LgU (List of Suitable Entrepreneurs).

    • Find contracts: ANKÖ Vergabeportal (tendering platform)

     As a company or bidder, you can use the ANKÖ Vergabeportal (tendering platform) to easily and quickly find public contracts

    • Prove the suitability: ANKÖ LgU

    With the Liste geeigneter Unternehmen® - LgU, you can prove your suitability for the procurement procedure, while also saving time and costs.

    • Submit tenders electronically : ANKÖ eProcurement

    With the solution offered by ANKÖ, you can easily electronically submit tenders for public invitations to tender.

    As a company / bidder you can easily and quickly find public tenders using the ANKÖ Vergabeportal (tendering platform).

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