Tender Submission: What Do You Need for the Signature with a Citizen Card?

Tender Submission: What do you need for the signature with a citizen card?

If you as a bidder use eSubmission, an electronic signature (e-Signature, eSignature) is mandatory in many cases. You can choose between the mobile phone signature and the signature with a citizen card.

In Austria, signature cards can only be issued by A-Trust at present. Besides a separate card, you can also use your cash card or the e-card after you have activated the signing function.

In any case, apart from the card you will also need a card reader and a special software: the so called Bürgerkartenumgebung (BKU – citizen card environment). It is available in two versions. There is an online BKU which can be used only with Internet Explorer. After the installation of the newest Java version, the signature can be completed on the card reader by entering the PIN.

If you want to use the local version of the BKU, you will need the citizen card environment as well as the A-Sign Client of the company A-Trust. Both software components are available for download on the following link: http://www.a-trust.at/downloads.

You will find more detailed information under www.a-trust.at and under https://www.buergerkarte.at

Hint: ANKÖ suggests you to use a mobile phone signature. Its use is not only more comfortable, but also more secure since neither the card reader nor the software is required. If not all the components of the citizen card are up to date, PC driver issues can occur.

Download: ANKÖ Merkblatt zur eSignatur (pdf, deutsch)

Download: ANKÖ information on eSignature (pdf, english)

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