Electronic Signature: Sign Comfortably with Your Mobile Phone

The electronic signature (also called e-signature or eSignature) with a mobile phone is simple and convenient. To use this service, all you need is a mobile phone with an Austrian SIM card. The signature works with all models, is free of charge, and, as a legally valid signature, is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Unlike the signature with a citizen card, neither a card reader nor your own software is required. The eSignature function on your mobile phone needs to be activated only once.

Electronic Signature – How the Electronic Signature Works With a Mobile Phone

To sign an eOffer, simply enter your mobile phone number and the signature password. You will then receive a TAN (Transaction Authentication Number) via SMS, which must also be entered in the online form and after that, the offer is already signed.

If you would like to add an additional signature, you can invite other signatories by email for an electronic signature with one click.

More information and detailed instructions for electronic signatures with mobile phones can be found at www.handysignatur.at

Download: ANKÖ Merkblatt zur eSignatur (pdf, deutsch)

Download: ANKÖ information on eSignature (pdf, english)


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