Proof of Suitability Invitation to Tender – Bidders Prove Their Suitability

The Liste geeigneter Unternehmen® - LgU (List of Suitable Entrepreneurs) is Austria’s biggest database for providing proofs of suitability. In the procurement procedure this increases companies’ efficiency.

The LgU is Austria’s largest online database for proofs of suitability in accordance with the Federal Procurement Act (BVergG). This means that companies can easily and efficiently provide companies with their proof of suitability. Documentation has to be submitted only once and can be used for multiple procurement procedures.

Contracting authorities and their partner companies have access to your proof of suitability with your consent. Complete documentation gives the contracting authority security in the procurement process and when comparing offers. At the same time, the proof of suitability in the LgU makes the contractor a trustworthy bidder in the procedure.

Additionally, the ANKÖ interfaces provide legal security. Contracting authorities have thus access to the GISA - Austrian Business Licence Information System, company register, the Civil Engineer directory (ZT:Verzeichnis), Wirtschaftskammer Österreich - WKO (Austrian Economic Chambers) and they can identify breaches in accordance with the Anti-Wage and Social Dumping Act (LSD-BG) and Foreign Nationals Employment Act (AuslBG).

Currently there are 9,500 registered companies here and these are available online for 7,420 authorised public contracting authorities. Every year, the ANKÖ carries out over 100,000 suitability checks.

Your benefits

  • Cost savings thanks to the online stored proof of suitability
  • Higher credibility due to the ANKÖ certificate of registration
  • e.g. the company register
  • Online accessibility of data for public contracting authorities
  • Own data can be accessed, maintained and uploaded at any time

By being inscribed into the LgU you do not have to provide documentation time and again. If proof is not automatically provided via interfaces, it has to be uploaded only once and is later available for many invitations to tender. This saves time and costs.

Secure advantages with the new SEPA direct debit mandate

From this year on, you can conveniently pay the ANKÖ annual fee by SEPA direct debit. The explanation as well as the necessary SEPA direct debit mandate can be found under forms.

Using this method of payment you do not only save time, but also secure your participation in the ANKÖ seminar. In case of a new registration, you also save the registration fee of EUR 41.80 (incl. 10% VAT).


®: LgU – Liste geeigneter Unternehmen® is a registered trademark of the brand owner ANKÖ Auftragnehmerkataster Österreich (Austrian Register of Tenderers).

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