Register Your Company and Prove Suitability: Registration in Liste geeigneter Unternehmen - LgU (List of Suitable Entrepreneurs)

Register your company and prove suitability: Registration in Liste geeigneter Unternehmen - LgU (List of Suitable Entrepreneurs)

Take the opportunity now to register your company in Liste geeigneter Unternehmen 
and benefit immediately from the numerous advantages of your ANKÖ membership.

Contact us without any commitments - we look forward to hearing from you!


To register your company and prove your suitability, please fill out the form below and send it to:

Registration form LgU

Registration form for companies with headquarters outside Austria:

Checklist proof of suitability Germany

Checklist proof of suitability Switzerland

Checklist for proof of suitability Hungary

Checklist proof of suitability Czech Republic

Checklist for proof of suitability Italy

Checklist for proof of suitability Great Britain

Checklist for proof of suitability Slovenia

Registration form for members of designAustria 

Our customer support team will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding registration. If all the necessary information is provided, your company will be activated immediately. At the same time you will receive your ANKÖ company code.

Proof of suitability - the advantages for you

With the LgU, you can prove your suitability for participation in tenders. Use the unique Once-Only - Database in Austria to always keep your proof of suitability up to date and to easily access information on contracting authorities. Only authorized users have access to this list.

ANKÖ simplifies your way to public contracts with this service. You too can present your company on the platform, which is used by contracting authorities more than 100,000 times a year for contracting authorities including direct procurements.

Saving time and money

Proofs of suitability are automatically updated via numerous interfaces. ANKÖ has direct access to the Austrian Company register, the Austrian Business Licence Information System GISA, Vienna Municipal Tax, the Construction Workers’ Annual Leave and Severance Pay Fund BUAK, the Austrian Anti-Wage and Social Dumping Act LSD-BG, the Austrian Foreign Nationals Employment Act AuslBG, social insurance institutions, the Austrian Credit Protection Association KSV1870, etc. 

Your data for the proof of suitability will thus always be kept up to date.




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