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As a Public Contracting Authority Put Contracts out to Tender and Benefit from ANKÖ Services

Benefit as a public contracting authority from the ANKÖ’s services. The full-service provider when it comes to public invitations to tender!

The ANKÖ supports you as a contracting authority with your public invitations to tender and procurement procedures in Austria. With ANKÖ services, you will make contracts and contract awards more transparent for bidders and simplify the procedure. ANKÖ enables you to check the suitability of bidders and thus collect tangible benefits for your institution or your company.

  • Invitations to tender – also electronically!

            With ANKÖ you can put contracts out to tender quickly and efficiently.

  • Suitability check – 24 hours a day!

           You will receive proofs of suitability at the touch of a button.

  • Conduct auctions – now also via eAuction!

           You can optimise the purchasing process and save your budget.

Each ANKÖ service can be used easily and efficiently. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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Auftragnehmerkataster Österreich - ANKÖ (Austrian Register of Tenderers)

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