Suitability Test Made Simple

Contracting authorities can check the suitability of a bidder quickly and efficiently

The LgU – List of Suitable Entrepreneurs (Liste geeigneter Unternehmen®) enables contracting authorities to carry out suitability tests conveniently and easily. There are more than 9,500 companies registered in the ANKÖ database.

Who can access company data in the List of Suitable Entrepreneurs (Liste geeigneter Unternehmen®)?

  • classical contracting authorities
  • sectoral contracting entities
  • member of the association of municipalities
  • member of the association of towns
  • persons working on behalf of a contracting authority
  • general contractors
  • housing association
  • other contracting authorities.


Step by step to the suitability test:

Please contact us. Then log in and search for the company you want to test for the fulfillment of the selection criteria. You can access all evidence of suitability and any information, export them all into a PDF document and save them locally in the same format.

If you are not a contracting authority, the access to the companies you want to test must be enabled to you in advance. For this, you have the following options:

  • you can provide us a power of attorney of the contracting authority you are working for, or
  • you can obtain an approval to enable access to the evidence of suitability for the companies that should be tested. 


The costs for the suitability test:

Prices depend on the number of accesses. The more suitability tests you carry out, the cheaper a single test becomes.

  • unlimited number of user accounts
  • no set-up fees

New questions regarding suitability tests have occurred? Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you!



FAQ - Frequently asked questions regarding LgU - List of Suitable Entrepreneurs (Liste geeigneter Unternehmen®)

Power of attorney to prove suitability

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