The Future of Procurement: eProcurement

eProcurement mandatory since 18 October 2018 - Electronic procurement made easy

Are you a contracting authority and you would like to complete the awarding process in a simple and secure way? Would you like to benefit from a consistent, efficient and intuitive system that streamlines the publishing of notices, electronic openings, and the awarding of contracts?

Take advantage of ANKÖ's eProcurement-platform eProcurement+ for your contracts and make use of the capabilities of a state-of-the-art technologies: by using an online platform, you will not only omit costs of hardware and servicing, but you also save valuable time through features such as automatic appointment and deadline management and sophisticated role allocation.


New Electronic Procurement Obligation 

The implementation of electronic procurement became mandatory for all contracting authorities in October 2018 due to EU directives. In addition to the procedure itself, this obligation to carry out the necessary procedures electronically also applies to communication with bidders. The law thus ensures that all participants have the same information at their disposal. The eProcurement obligation has been in force since April 2017 for central purchasing bodies such as federal ministries or the Austrian Federal Tendering Agency (BBG - Bundesbeschaffung GmbH). Since October 2018, this applies to all contracting authorities dealing with above threshold contracts.


The advantages for contracting authorities:

  • an intuitive user interface with straightforward layout and simple structure
  • fast implementation thanks to our online platform and standardized processes
  • an efficient monitoring through complete tendering documentation
  • a complete opening protocol ensures the authenticity of the bids
  • invitations to tender are checked for completeness
  • clear presentation of bids and price comparisons
  • easier access to procurement documentation and simple submission for bidders for more competition
  • transparent procurement procedures for bidders

Press contact / Media contact

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