The Austrian Register of Tenderers (ANKO) is a private non-profit organization. Austrian local authorities and representations of interests founded it in 1999. It has the legal form of an association under the Austrian Act on Associations and Societies ('Vereinsgesetz'). The institute’s aims are the technical support and the promotion of the economic handling of public procurement procedures. Its services are intended to save public money.

ANKO provides the following tools to support public procurement procedures: 
a 'list of entrepreneurs and their eligibility' in accordance with the Austrian Federal Public Procurement Law and the Austrian Standards ÖNORM A 2051 and ONR 12051. The subsidiary, ANKO Serive Ges.m.b.H., offers the tender platform 'Vergabeportal', the tender announcement tool 'Eingabeportal' and the electronic submission of tenders by entrepreneurs, called 'e-tendering'.



'Our primary task is the improvement of efficiency in the field of public procurement for our members, partners, interested parties and all other stakeholders in the field of public procurement.'


Business environment:

  • With the help of our online databases and our staff's functional know-how of we strive for the optimisation of a balanced and reliable service provision. 
  • Our database 'list of entrepreneurs and their eligibility' makes those evidences available online, which economic operators have to support in each procurement procedure. Using it, they do not have to produce them repeatedly for each procurement procedure. Registered users have direct access to them. In this way, we promote economic and less bureaucratic operations.
  • In combining our four public procurement tools'list of entrepreneurs and their eligibility', 'tender platform', 'tender announcement tool' and 'e-tendering', ANKO is an essential service provider in the field of electronic public procurement. 
  • Sustainable partnerships, high customer proximity and customer satisfaction as well as data privacy are of vital importance for our job. We comply with the highest standards of data privacy protection.



  • Team play is based on a friendly collegiality, honesty, esteem and objectivity.
  • As an interface between private companies and contracting authorities, we assume responsibility for being up-to-date, accurate and relevant to public procurements.
  • We are performing our task with the highest level of personal and individual customer support.
  • A high degree of system availability combined with data confidentiality is our basic requirement.


Future orientation:

  • Our internal structures and the expertise of our staff are subject to continious improvement.
  • We are adapting ourselves to the changing legal, technical and economic requirements in the field of e-procurement and are expanding our online-service in co-operation with experts.
  • We gradually upgrade our online-tools with technical gateways to local authorities.
  • The numbers of our members, contracting authorities, and national and international procurement sources are increasing continously.


Dialogue Board:

  • Our external and internal communication can be characterised as being open, clear and friendly.
  • We are in close contact with our customers, as well as with the members of the board of directors.
  • In order to promote the interaction between contracting authorities and potential contractors we initiate and hold public events.
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