Future-Oriented Mission Statement for Internal and External Communication

The Auftragnehmerkataster Österreich - ANKÖ (Austrian Register of Tenderers) is a formation of Austrian territorial authorities and legal interest groups in the legal form of an association.  



The purpose of the institute is the technical support and promotion of economic processing of procurement procedures in order to contribute to the optimal use of taxpayer’s money. As support for participating in procurement procedures the association offers the online directory: List of Suitable Entrepreneurs in accordance with the Federal Procurement Act as amended, ÖNORM A 2051 and ONR 12051. The ANKÖ Services Ges.m.b.H., wholly owned subsidiary of ANKÖ, offers the invitation to tender database Vergabeportal.at and the platform eVergabe+ (eProcurement-platform) for the completely electronic handling of procurement procedures.



“Our primary objective is the improvement of efficiency in public procurement for our members, partners, interested parties and all other actors in the field of public procurement.”


Business environment:

  • With the help of our dynamic databases and our staff’s technical know-how, we strive to optimise a balanced and reliable service provision.
  • In the Liste geeigneter Unternehmer® - LgU (List of Suitable Entrepreneurs) proofs of suitability are documented, so these do not have to be provided by the companies in every procedure. Moreover, there is the possibility of direct data revival for authorised users. That way we promote an economic procedure with less bureaucratic operations.
  • By combining our Liste geeigneter Unternehmer®, the Vergabeportal (tendering platform) and eVergabe+ (eProcurement-platform), we are positioning ourselves as an essential service provider in the field of public procurement.
  • Sustainable partnerships, high customer proximity and customer satisfaction as well as data privacy are of vital importance for our work.



  • The work in our team is characterised by honesty, collegiality, appreciation and objectivity.
  • At the information interface between contracting authorities and contractors we find ourselves to be responsible for timeliness, accuracy and tender-related relevance. We perform our task with the highest level of personal and individual client care.
  • High system availability and concurrent confidentiality are basic requirements for us.


Future orientation:

  • We continue to develop our internal structures as well as the technical knowledge of our employees.
  • We are adapting ourselves to the continuously changing legal, technical and economic requirements for both contracting authority and contractor, and we expand are online services together with procurement experts.
  • We are upgrading our platform by continuously expanding our interfaces to territorial authorities.
  • The number of our members, contracting authorities and sources of procurement, including those of international origin is continuously increasing.



  • Our internal and external communication is characterised as being open, clear and friendly.
  • We are in close contact with the members of our board of directors, as well as our clients such as contracting authorities and contractors.
  • In order to promote the interaction between contracting authorities and contractors, we initiate events and actively realise them.
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