No more waiting. ANKÖ is becoming more and more international, so for the first time in our 20-year history we have translated our entire website and all ANKÖ portals into English.

During the summer break, not only did we update our suitability database ("Liste geeigneter Unternehmen® - LgU") and our procurement portal ("Vergabeportal"), but we also translated all our portals and our ANKÖ website to English language.

With this step, we are making it easier for companies that are listed in the List of Suitable Entrepreneurs - LgU to provide proof of suitability in non-German-speaking EU countries, and ANKÖ eVergabe and will be able to distinguish themselves more strongly on the international market. 

Here are some main examples of what you can now find at ANKÖ - the full-service provider in the field of public procurement.

You can now change the language in the upper right corner of each section of the homepage (see screenshots).



The most important products and terms:

  • ANKÖ: Austrian Register of Tenderers
  • Vergabeportal: Vergabeportal (tendering platform)
  • eVergabe+: eVergabe+ (eProcurement platform)
  • Liste geeigneter Unternehmen® - LgU: Liste geeigneter Unternehmen - LgU (List of Suitable Entrepreneurs)
  • ANKÖ-Firmencode: ANKÖ company code
  • e-Angebot: e-offer
  • Eignungsnachweise: proof of suitability


Links to ANKÖ-sections in English language:

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