Advantages of eVergabe+ for contracting authorities

Time and cost savings

Time and cost savings thanks to our integrated electronic processes.

Simply check the suitability

A seamless link to the proof of suitability database in Liste geeigneter Unternehmen – LgU (List of Suitable Entrepreneurs).

Kontrolle und Sicherheit

Control and security through complete documentation of the tendering process.

Personal support

Excellent support: Surveys show the best satisfaction with our support in over 97% of all cases.

  • Registration via the ANKÖ homepage or
  • Embedding of the notice in the contracting authority website
  • Filling out the forms and selecting the publication media (e.g. Official Gazette of the City of Vienna)

Offers or applications to participate are created, signed and submitted electronically by bidders. These remain securely encrypted until the submission deadline. Communication with bidders takes place directly within the platform without any media disruption.

Offers received will be opened electronically after the submission deadline. ANKÖ eVergabe+ records the opening and creates reports such as transcripts or opening protocols – these are available at the push of a button.

The automatically generated price list offers a clear comparison of the offered prices. If desired, the complete determination of the best offer, including the evaluation of predefined award criteria, can also be carried out via eVergabe+.

The award decision and award can be created in eVergabe+ and sent to the participating bidders with just a few clicks. In addition to being easy to use, this ensures a transparent process.

With ANKÖ eVergabe+ you can fulfill all your documentation obligations. Following a procedure, all procurement reports and protocols are clearly available for inspection and dispatch. In addition, all documents can also be exported as a procurement document.

Test the system: Request free access now!

Get acquainted with eVergabe+ (eProcurement-platform) free of charge. In order to ease the step towards eProcurement, ANKÖ is providing a test environment. There you can get acquainted with and test all important functions of the actual system.

Request access to the test system

You can get all the answers and access to ANKÖ eVergabe+ here.

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Teamleitung eVergabe

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Business Development Manager

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