Online Auctions: advantages for contracting authorities

Control and legal certainty

Through complete documentation the ANKÖ eAuction offers you full legal certainty throughout the entire auction process. Latest Security standards: Bidders must authenticate themselves using a TAN code in order to be able to bid.

Time and cost savings

Consistent electronic processes, automatic evaluations and auction regulations saves you valuable time resources.

Clear design

In a clear cockpit with simple and intuitive design, clients can control the course of the auction, create automatic evaluations and send messages to bidders.

The price falls in real time

The bids are disclosed without any time delay (in real time), improvements to the offers are possible and the prices continue to fall as the auction progresses. The ANKÖ eAuction stands for the best price and the easiest auction control.

The contracting authority initiates the auction and appoints an auction manager. The auction manager creates the auction and invites bidders to participate

As part of the invitation to participate, bidders will receive instructions on how to create a bidder account (registration), a link to link their bidder account with the auction and the transaction numbers (TAN).

The auction manager also determines minimum bid increments, maximum bid increments and – if necessary – a maximum discount. The minimum duration and provisional end time of the auction are also determined and communicated to the bidders.

The electronic auction is considered terminated if no more bids are received within the extension period.

Aafter the end of the auction, the auction platform will announce the contract award decision by email.

During the entire duration of an auction, the auction manager can send messages to all bidders via the platform.

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