Advantages of ANKÖ Vergabeportal

Create search profiles

Create as many search profiles as you want and we will send you exactly the right orders by email every morning.

The most comprehensive database

2.500 new announcements every day from all areas such as construction, delivery and services – from Austria, EU and Switzerland as well as internationally.

ANKÖ portals: everything from a single source

In addition to searching and downloading the tender documents, the ANKÖ procurement portal is also the portal for submitting your electronic offer.

Vergabeportal-to-go: The ANKÖ app

With the ANKÖ tender portal app you literally have the best tenders in your pocket! Find, save, share assignments and get reminders for upcoming deadlines.

Login via ANKÖ Homepage or simply using the link

Defining search criteria by using specific search words or part of the words

Creation of search profiles with email dispatch

If you are searching for contracts directly from contracting authorities, you can base your query on different criteria:

  • on contracting authorities and published tenders
  • on procurement sources such as TED (Tenders Electronic Daily of the EU), different official gazettes etc.
  • on the publication date
  • on the subject of the invitation to tender
  • on revocations, amendments and corrections
  • on already awarded contracts and competition results

Tendering app: With the ANKA App you can apply a targeted search for invitations to tender in the EU and other countries – for the first time on mobile devices.

The application is a service extension of the tender database “”. With one login you are using both the desktop search and the search in the app.

Advantages of the ANKA App are the following:

  • First Austrian app to search public invitations to tender
  • Daily information via mobile devices about invitations to tender and procurement procedures in Austria, the EU and other countries
  • Watch list for interesting invitations to tender
  • Calendar function with a deadline management feature
  • Automatic notification of corrections and revocations
  • Sharing information about invitations to tender with others in a practical way with your mobile device

Download the app here:

ANKÖ Vergabeportal Mobile App for iPhone – Download on the Apple App Store

ANKÖ Vergabeportal Mobile App for Android – Download on Google Play Store

Test the Vergabeportal free of charge for 30 days!

With the test account of the Vergabeportal you can test all functions free of charge, including an unlimited number of search profiles, submission of electronic offers, archive search and much more.

Try it free for 30 days now!

Tender of the Week

In this section we present a new top tender every week directly from the Vergabeportal.

Check out the tender of the week now!

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