The ANKÖ as a Full-Service Provider: From the ANKÖ Invitation to Tender Database to the Proof of Suitability and the eProcurement

The ANKÖ has established its position as a full-service supplier in the field of procurement step by step. Contracting authorities as well as contractors rely on the services of the ANKÖ during the entire procurement procedure.

The Auftragnehmerkataster Österreich - ANKÖ (Austrian Register of Tenderers) is a full-service supplier in the field of public procurement. Originally specialised on suitability assessment, the ANKÖ now offers different services related to public procurement: from the invitation to tender database to the collection of proofs of suitability and a platform for eProcurement. This makes the ANKÖ the only Austrian One-Stop-Shop in this field – for contracting authorities and for contractors. Its services enable the procurement procedures to be easier, more efficient, more transparent and fairer.

Services for contractors:

  • Find contracts
  • Prove suitability
  • Submit tenders online

Services for contracting authorities:

  • Put contracts out to tender
  • Check the suitability
  • Conduct auctions

ANKÖ services are advantageous

The ANKÖ was founded in 1999 in the legal form of an association. The primary goal is the increase of the efficiency of public procurement. An ANKÖ membership greatly reduces the time and costs for contracting authorities and contractors. With its sponsorship, the ANKÖ ensures a balance of interests between contracting authorities and contractors.

The services to put contracts out to tender (eVergabe+), find contracts (, as well as eOffer and eAuction are managed by its wholly owned subsidiary ANKÖ Service Ges.m.b.H.

ANKÖ organisation structure

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